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Tempish Extreme Grind Hjul 4-Pakk

NOK 179,-
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Prisbillige grindhjul til antirocker setups, for let at holde sit grind længere.

Durometer: 100a+


Update: Not much to say about these. I mean, it's grind wheels, they are just there and they are all good. Note that they need to be mounted with bearings. A bit annoying really since that's not needed. The wheels does not fit well with the Kizer Fluid IV frame. I had to remove one of the frame spacers in order to make them fit. I think the UC grindwheels is a better choice of grindwheels if you use the Kizer Fluid.
Andreas L. (Helsingborg)
Stemmer: 4 av 5 mulige!
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