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What Gear Do I Need for Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is an incredible sport able to provide countless hours of fun. Like any sport, the equipment plays a central role in the quality of your performance. Whether you are playing and practicing once a week or every day, roller derby gear will eventually wear down and will be in need of replacement. 

Derby players should always pay attention to the condition of all components of their derby skates. Knowing which roller derby parts make up your skates and when it’s time to change them can make the difference during each game. 

When Should I Replace My Roller Derby Gear?

The most important parts of your derby roller skates are the wheels, the plate and the toe stop. 

Roller derby wheels wear down depending on how often you use them, and it is recommended to have a spare set on your side at all times. They are the piece of roller derby equipment that you should check up on regularly. Worn-out wheels are always difficult to control with the risk of losing balance and falling, especially at high speeds. 

Baseplates also need to be checked up regularly. They are the item of your roller derby skates connecting your wheels to your boots and are often subject to hard impacts during a derby match. When you feel that you cannot control your skates well or if you see signs of damage on your plates, change them immediately. A pair of malfunctioning derby plates can jeopardize your overall stability and result in dangerous falls.

Toe stops are often an overlooked piece of roller derby gear and should be also checked up after every game. They not only allow skaters to stop, but also enable players to perform tighter turns. You can always adjust the height of your toe stops based on your ability and need, enabling you to raise your performance when playing. 

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