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Powerslide skates

Powerslide Off Road SUV 125 Frames

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Want to try out some off-road skating with your regular skate boots?

Well, if your boot mounts with 165mm, then this set will take you far and wide away from the regular beaten path.

Cruise the local woods with a 3 x 125mm air tire-setup

The sheer size of the wheels on the SUV frame, combined with the fact that they are air-filled, will get you rolling on gravel, dirt or other rough surfaces in comfort

Off-Road skating is a great way of getting some exercising done, whilst enjoying mother-nature up close and personal


  • 2 x Powerslide Off-Road SUV frames
  • 6 x V-Mart air tires 5" x 1" - Max pressure 7.0 Bar/100 PSI
  • 12 x Wicked 608 SUS Rustproof bearings with rubber shield on both sides
  • 6 x spacers for wheels
  • 6 x single sided 8mm axles
  • 1 x Torx T25 T-tool