Race BMX Framgafler

Hjul offset

Weight is the name of the game

When it comes to race BMX or BMX cross as it’s called some places in the world, it’s all about speed. And to cross the finish line first, your BMX bike needs to be as light as possible. That's

why many of the BMX bike forks you’ll find in this category are made from light materials such as carbon forks, aluminum forks and chrome steel forks.

Choose the right Race BMX fork for your style

The wheel offset is a significant aspect to consider when selecting a new race BMX fork. The wheels offset are the distance from the middle of the front wheel to the middle of the BMX bike fork leg.

Earlier 32mm was the standard, but lately, some riders are going lower than that.

The long wheel offset is still very common in BMX racing since it offers a high amount of stability. The reason some riders choose to lower the wheel offset size is that this setup makes it easier to turn the BMX bike rapidly and reach the inside lane in the turns.

Why is the wheel offset important on a BMX?

The wheel offset is vital because it controls how steep the bike is going to feel and how stable the bike will be at high speeds. With a long wheel offset the race BMX bike feels more stable. It will, in this case, add more control to the race BMX, which is why many trail riders prefer a longer wheel offset.