Intelligrip Transition Skin

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omtaler   (3)

Excellent grip uphill. Does slow you down a bit going downhill, which is not always a bad thing.
Elizabeth Chandler (New Castle)
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I bought two sets of back country cross-country skis. Fisher easy skin Extra Lite, Panorama M62s. Alpine Snowgield boots and Fisher BCX5 boots. Both sets of skis were mounted and sent with the boots. The Fisher are fantastic on the open Arctic tundra where I live. Skiing over wind packed untracked snow I found the skis cut well into the snow a d were effortless. The skin system works extremely well in -25 to -30 °C conditions. Service at SKATEPRO was exceptional, informative, friendly and efficient - second to none.
Jonathan Ferraby (Iqaluit)
Stjerner: 5 av 5 mulige!
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