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Eclat BMX

Eclat Cortex Freecoaster V2 BMX Bagnav

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Durable freecoaster hub with lots of slack

The Cortex V2 by Éclat comes with more slack than most hubs - just under 1/4 crank of slack. It's made with durability in mind and will suit every heavy riding style just perfect - especially if you're are into fakie tricks.

Built and perfected over years of testing

Before putting the Cortex together, the guys from Éclat analyzed every challenge they've experienced with the previous freecoaster models and addressed it all in the making of the Cortex hub.

The V2 Cortex is brilliant for making crank flips and keeping the same level of slack. Some of the Éclat team riders have tested the Cortex Hub over two years in order to make it as good as possible and still rides it today.

Notice: Includes small spacers you simply can adjust the slack-level with by adding behind the clutch.