Jug Black Sox Liner II

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Jug liners received a complete makeover in the new Black Sox liner. Highlight is a new dual density foam which consists of a high density EVA foam on the outside which provides support and distributes stress over a wider area. A softer inner PU foam adapts to the contours of your foot enhancing fit and comfort. The padding of the tongue was increased to almost 1” and it comes with a removable tongue insert which in a hidden pocket. New is also a V-shape elastic insert in the back which provides flex if skated with V-cut cuffs.
Unchanged is the high rebound shock absorbing insole, Velcro closure in the tongue to prevent shifting and the articulated ankle shape which keeps your foot locked in.

• Dual density foam
• Extra padding in tongue
• Elastic V-cut insert
• Articulated ankle shape
• Tongue pocket
• Velcro tongue lock
• J-pad ankle lock
• Duel density Gel footbed
• 4-point lacing system
• Articulated, pre-shaped tongue


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