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BC 1600 Fjell Alpinstøvler

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Dette er Alpina BC 1600 langrennsko, som er designet til å passe både herrer og damer. Men en god ankelstøtte, varme og komfort er disse skiskoene gode til fjelleventyr i varierende terreng og snøforhold. Denne langrennsskoen er kompatibel med Rottefella BC bindingssystem.


Kompatible bindinger:
Rottefella BC
Ski type:
Mann, Kvinne

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omtaler   (16)

Godt fornøyd etter første tur.
Bjarne L. (Skien)
Stjerner: 5 av 5 mulige!
Flotte skisko!! Gode og varme😁😁Kjapp levering👍
Roy Tømterud (Åbogen)
Stjerner: 5 av 5 mulige!
Been out twice with my 1600s and I am pleased with the quality of the materials and the support. Fit big, but a full size lower would have been too small. Nice and warm too! I am looking forward to when they are fully broken in and feel like slippers...won't take long! I wear size 49, so the selection for boots in this category is limited. They are a great combination with my Fischer S-Bound 112 (189cm) BC skis with a manual NNN binding (THE way to go!). After my second outing I reached in to see if they were damp inside and found a piece of duct tape sewn between the sole and the upper - strange! It was deep in the toe box and I had to tear it out. I think I was able to removed it without damaging the lining. I cannot see all the way to the end of the boot, but I cannot feel any tears. Relatively fast shipping - may have be slowed down slightly because of border crossings from overseas and/or COVID. Happy to have discovered this site - more gear on the way!
Jamie K. (Jonquière)
Stjerner: 5 av 5 mulige!
These boots are working well after about a dozen uses. They fit a bit big so I use two foot beds and a pair of bigger socks to fill them out. Service was great from Skatepro. They shipped fast
Jeffrey P. (Haines Junction)
Stjerner: 4 av 5 mulige!
Great service and fast shipping.
Quinn Shubert (The Dalles)
Stjerner: 5 av 5 mulige!
Fit like a glove, great product
Chris Knight (Chivenor)
Stjerner: 5 av 5 mulige!
I thought I ordered the wrong size boot because I have worn 48 before, but the SkatePro folks knew what they were doing when they sent a 49; they fit amazingly well! And the boots themselves are fantastic; the options are limited at sizes this large, so I was very pleased when it turned out that the Alpina 1600 was as comfortable and supportive as I could have hoped. The Alaska MAY be more supportive, but it doesn't come in my size. If I want to ski alpine, I won't be using these boots (or the Rossignol 90s I use them on), but these are about as aggressive as I could ever need for nordic, uphill or down. Thanks SkatePro!!!
sam krajewski (Hallowell)
Stjerner: 5 av 5 mulige!
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