Julbo Sunglasses

Embark on an adventure with Julbo sunglasses! Founded in 1888 by the visionary Jules Baud, Julbo revolutionized eyewear by crafting the iconic "Cristalliers" sunglasses, the first of many innovative models. From the legendary Vermont series to the performance-driven Fury and Cham collections, Julbo reshaped eye protection in extreme conditions.

Tested on towering peaks like Everest and K2, Julbo's eyewear gained a cult following among mountaineers and action sports enthusiasts. Athletes like Éric Escoffi and Patrick Gabarrou showcased Julbo's commitment to performance by wearing its products on challenging expeditions.

Adapting to diverse environments, Julbo has evolved alongside outdoor sports like trail running and mountain biking. Join Julbo's legacy of innovation - every pair of sunglasses embodies the thrill of the outdoors!

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